Representing High-Tech Global Mfg.’s That Offer Yield Enhancement Solutions
for Today and Tomorrow’s Advanced Production Technologies


It’s Customers... It’s Market Share... It’s Execution

Our Philosophy


The value that the IPS Group brings, emerges in great measure from the synergy created through the representation of multiple lines.

Benefits of Outsourcing Field Sales:

  • Sales costs fluctuate directly with sales volume
  • Immediate market access
  • Multifaceted, multi-skilled sales team
  • Closer-to-the-customer forecasting
  • Better market intelligence
  • Knowledgeable advice and information – hear it like it is!
  • Increased sales
  • Problem-solving approach outperforms product selling
  • Vested partner in manufacturer’s success

More than a source, a resource:
Being rooted geographically leads to stability of relationships, an important added value in a
world where customer is king.

Win-Win-Win, the customer benefits too:

  • Stable relationship with someone who knows the total corporate culture
  • Long-term commitment to the territory
  • Serves the customer as a multifaceted resource
  • More efficient sales calls – cover several products in a single meeting
  • Consultative selling
  • Help in order strategy, through distribution or factory direct
  • Perspective on market conditions and trends
  • Solutions approach – looking at the forest, not just the trees

The IPS Group survives, and thrives, by strengthening its own core competency through adept
management, and investment in advance technology to provide real-time information to
principals and customers.  Above all, we bring value at all levels in the supply chain.

Our Values


  • Our sales associates, and the relationships they have built over time, are our most valuable assets.
  • Our customers will receive service excellence from everyone in our company.
  • Our principals will be treated as customers.
  • We will be trustworthy in all that we say and do.
  • We will put into place programs/systems in line with corporate objectives
  • that will ensure and improve our long-term financial viability.
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