Representing High-Tech Global Mfg.’s That Offer Yield Enhancement Solutions
for Today and Tomorrow’s Advanced Production Technologies

The Team

Collectively, our team has over 150+ years of industry experience.



Our team of seasoned sales professionals are highly trained in cutting edge technologies, and current processes of electronics manufacturing. Their expertise enables them to help customers select the capital equipment, products, and materials that enhance their productivity and streamline their processes. Collectively, our team has over 150 years of industry experience. We have built strong contacts and relationships throughout the industry and we leverage our knowledge-base to enhance the success of our customers.

The IPS Group is the most resilient, resourceful, flexible, and fast moving rep firm in our territories.  We have to react quickly to the trends shaping the environments of the companies whom we represent, and to the companies to whom we sell.  Today’s economic climate, with it’s emphasis on vendor reduction, partnering, supply chain management, and cost containment, favors the manufacturers’ representative system.

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