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The product lines we represent meet rigid criteria that include high quality, superior performance, and stability.

Please Note not all principal products shown are under contract for all IPS Group sales regions. Please go to View Products by Region for details.

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ESD Control Products, Coatings, Chemicals and Test Equipment - Specializing in Floor Finishes and ESD Coatings

ESD Mats

ESD Test Equipment

Cleaning and Contamination Control Chemicals, Wipes and Swabs
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Seating for Office and Production - Quality Seating for every application

ESD, Clean Room, Harsh Environments, Office

GreenGuard Gold Rated 12 Year Warranty Made in USA

Design your chair at
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ESD Control Specialist - Complete line of control products (Mats, Wrist Bands, Foot Grounders and Ground Cords

Elite Testers for Access Control
Sentinel Constant Monitors for bench control and vision
Intelligent Ionizers for above and on the bench
Test Equipment for verification
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World Leader in Fume Extraction Technolgy - We design, develop and manufacture fume and dust extraction systems for a wide range of industrial sectors and applications. We create technologies that protect the health of millions of workers around the world …while at the same time improving industrial process performance by minimizing disruption to production.

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Speicalty Epoxies, UV and UV Hybrids - Extensive line of Optical Adhesives for bonding and coating

Thermally Conductive, electrically insulating epoxies

Electrically and thermally conductive epoxies

High performance UV curing and Hybrid chemistry adhesives
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SMT Assembly Solutions - Europlacer are an award winning, global SMT line solution provider, with over 50 years of proud heritage. We deliver flexibility, reliability and innovation to the SMT pick and place marketplace with our elegant solutions to complex technical challenges.
With our diverse range of surface mount line solutions you can maximize your productivity and significantly reduce your downtime.
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Air Free Dispensing - Micro capability

Programmable Repeatability

Viscosity adjustable

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Solder, Desolder and Rework Technologies - Soldering Stations- 3 Port, Dual Port and Single Port
Rework Stations and Systems

Depaneling Machines Torque Drivers Hand Tools

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Precision Tools - Cutters with variety of handles
ESD, Ergonomic, Ball Bearing hardened Steel

Pliers with variety of handles
ESD, Ergonomic, many head sizes and shapes

Tweezers for every application

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Material Handling solutions molded from high-strength, glass-reinforced composites - Nesting and Stacking Containers

Trays for Conveyor or Assembly application

Wash Boxes

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Workstations and Benches - Stand Alone or complete workstation configuration

Complete Line of accessories

Mechanical or Electric Adjustable Height Solutions

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Complete Storage Solution provider - Wire Shelving, Carts and High Density Track Systems

Bins, Totes and Containers

ESD Storage Selection

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Antifatigue Matting, Industiral Floor Mats and Runners - Multi-Purpose Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats and Runners for any application

Interlocking Mats and Floor Saver Mats

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Magnification for the Bench and the Lab - Binocular and Trinocular selections with and without camera

Inspection Systems Macro and Micro

No Eye Piece Stereo Inspection Systems

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Torque and Error Proofing Solutions - Preset and Adjustable Torque Wrenches

Error Proofing Controllers, Digital Wrenches and Wireless Wrenches

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Complete global source for all critical fastening and bolting solutions - AcraDyne Controlled Platform for Air/Cordless/Electric Tools

Specializing in Hi Torque to 14,000 Nm

Cordless Drivers for Pistol, In-Line or Angle

Torque Testers

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