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The product lines we represent meet rigid criteria that include high quality, superior performance, and stability.

Please Note not all principal products shown are under contract for all IPS Group sales regions. Please go to View Products by Region for details.

South Central

ESD Control Products and Test Equipment - A full selection of Mats,, Wrist Bands, Heel Grounders, Floor Finish, Smocks, Bags, Ionizers and Test Equipment.
Our trained team can assist with ESD issues or even helping to set up your ESD Program.
ESD Assessments are provided as a service to all of our customers.

Products for the Bench - From Soldering stations, Microscopes, Cutters, Pliers. Benches and Cleaning Products

SMT Production & Test Equipment - SMT equipment including SPI, AOI, Depaneling, X-Ray Parts Counting and BGA Rework Systems.
CMM is now available.

Solders and Epoxy - Solder Paste, Solder Bar, Cored Wire, Flux, Preforms, Ribbon, Gold Solder, Thermal Epoxy, Electrically Conductive Epoxy, Hybrid Epoxy and Optical Adhesives.
Solder is available in a variety of Alloys

Storage Solutions from Carts to Pallets - Fiberglass tubs, trays and wash boxes.
Storage shelvinig (heavy duty to wire shelves and carts)
Plastic Totes and Bins from large to small in a variety of colors and ESD Safe series.

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