Representing High-Tech Global Mfg.’s That Offer Yield Enhancement Solutions
for Today and Tomorrow’s Advanced Production Technologies


The product lines we represent meet rigid criteria that include high quality, superior performance, and stability.

Please Note not all principal products shown are under contract for all IPS Group sales regions. Please go to View Products by Region for details.


ACL Staticide - offers Highly Effective, Premium Products for Anti-Static Coatings, Static Dissipative Floor Products, ESD Workstation Products and Static Detection Instruments.
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Bevco - Chairs for Assembly, Production or the office Learn More »

Botron - Static Control equipment, mats, wrist bands, smocks, monitors and Ionizers Learn More »

BOFA Products - Fume extraction solutions for any application or environment. Wide assortment of accessories and filtering choices. Learn More »

Cyberoptics - Cyberoptics - AOI powered by a breakthrough 3D sensing technology comprising of four multi-view 3D sensors and a parallel projector delivering metrology grade accuracy at production speed. Intuitive Easy-to-use Software and zero to production ready in less than 13 minutes.
Our SPI systems white strobe light to project patterns. This provides accuracy and consistent repeatability. Our True Height measurement capability set a new bar for height accuracy measurements. Award winning software and closed loop APC Feed-Forward Ready. Learn More »

Datapaq - Temperature Profiling system for the Electronics Industry. Monitors process - Reflow Soldering, Wave Soldering, Vapor Phase Soldering and Conformal Coating & Curing.
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American Hakko Products - Produces Superior Quality Soldering and Desoldering Tools, Hot Air Rework Stations and Fume Extraction Systems for the Electronics & Industrial Industry.
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Lindstrom Precision Tools - Your brand source for the right handtool for Electronic Assembly, Aerospace and Medical Device Mfg. From RX Series Ergonomic Cutters (Micro-Bevel, Flush & Ultra-Flush), Pliers, ESD Torque Screwdrivers and Tweezers.
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MFG Tray Co - The Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co. is a leading manufacturer of high-strength, glass-reinforced composite con-tainers, trays, boxes, flats and totes for material handling in the metalworking, plastics, Industrial and ESD electronics assembly industries.
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Product Basics - Ergonomic Innovative Workstation Solutions and Accessories that inspire Productivity.
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Quantum Storage Systems - The largest selection of plastic bins and wire storage systems. From stackable storage bins to nesting shelf bins to industrial, material handling, and consumer totes and containers, our injection molded bins and complete bin systems offer a storage solution in any requirement.
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Rhino Mats - Manufacturer of custom Commercial & Industrial Anti-Fatigue Matting including Dielectric Switchboard, Con-ductive, Rubber and Drain Thru matting. Learn More »

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